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Bridge And Lock Tender Job Application Letter Example

Application Letter Example:
Bridge And Lock Tender Job Application Letter Template
This bridge and lock tender job application letter example shows how to sort the from/to details, write a letter that includes a matching work experience to prove you are qualified for the job.
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Example for Bridge And Lock Tender

[ Sender name ]
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[ Sender email ]

[ Recruiter title/name ]
[ Recruiter job position ]
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Dear [ Title/Name ]:

I'm interested in working for your [ company/organization name ] as "bridge and lock tender", my complete resume would be sent upon your request.

Listed below a brief of my work experience including duties and responsibilities:

Job Title: Bridge And Lock Tender, Company: New Line Inc

Duties and responsibilities were to:

1) Direct movements of vessels in locks or bridge areas, using signals, telecommunication equipment, or loudspeakers

2) Prepare accident reports

3) Observe approaching vessels to define size speed, and also listen for whistle signals indicating desire to pass

4) Observe position progress of vessels to make sure best utilization of lock spaces or bridge opening spaces

5) Maintain guard stations in bridges to check waterways for boat traffic

6) Inspect canal bridge equipment, and also areas like roadbeds for damage or defects, reporting problems to supervisors as necessary

7) Clean as well as lubricate equipment, and also make minor repairs adjustments

8) Log data like water levels weather conditions

9) Write submit maintenance work requisitions

10) Perform maintenance duties like sweeping, painting, and also yard work to keep facilities clean in order

11) Check that bridges are clear of vehicles pedestrians prior to opening

12) Turn valves to increase or decrease water levels in locks

13) Stop automobile pedestrian traffic on bridges, and also lower automobile gates prior to moving bridges

14) Raise drawbridges as well as observe passage of water traffic, then lower drawbridges raise automobile gates

15) Operate lighthouses to assist marine passage near shores dangerous waters

16) Add remove balance weights to bridge mechanisms as necessary

17) Attach ropes or cable lines to bitts on lock decks or wharfs to secure vessels

I do appreciate your time taken to review my application letter.

Thanks and best regards

[ Sender/your name ]

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