What Does '21st Century Skills' Mean?

21st century skills is a collective term for a number of general competences that are important in today's knowledge and network society. These skills are also often referred to as 21st century skills. It's about:. - Critical thinking. - Creative thinking. - Solving a problem. - Computational thinking. - Information skills. - ICT basic skills. - Me... Read More

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What Does '360 Degree Feedback' Mean?

360 degree feedback is a form of feedback in which various sources are consulted in order to arrive at a complete picture of someone's performance. 360 degree feedback is a term from organizational psychology and is also known as multi-source feedback. . In education, it's used, among other things, to assess presentations. The student then receives... Read More

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What Does '5G Internet' Mean?

The 5G internet is the latest stop in evolution of mobile internet. . Although this terminology has become more famous with arrival of 3G, in fact it already existed before with 1G 'the first cell phones' and 2G 'with device signals being digital and no longer analog'. And in case you even want to know about 0G ? yes, it exists ?, there is also mat... Read More

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What Does 'Action Plan' Mean?

An action plan describes in concrete terms what goals the school is pursuing with a student. This concerns learning and/or behavioral problems. It also states how the goals are achieved. The agreements about the approach of student are formulated in a goal-oriented manner. It must be measurable, otherwise it will never be possible to check whether ... Read More

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What Does 'Action-oriented Working (HGW)' Mean?

Action-oriented working aims to improve the quality of education and guidance of all students. HGW wants to make adaptive education concrete. HGW is based on seven principles, which together ensure that the educational needs of children are central and that there is good coordination with child and parents. HGW also considers it important that scho... Read More

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What Does 'Active Labor Market Policies' Mean?

State actions aimed at increasing employment and counteracting the negative effects of unemployment. They focus on increasing the demand for work - creating new jobs and improving the functioning of labor market through job placement, career counseling, job search monitoring, training and support for entrepreneurs. Among other things, they facilita... Read More

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What Does 'Active Listening' Mean?

Active listening has become a very important technique with regard to establishing an efficient dialogue between interlocutor and listener. The tool consists of one person transmitting the message and other listening, understanding and carefully interpreting the information provided, whether verbally or non-verbally. It's important to highlight tha... Read More

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What Does 'Activities and Hospitality' Mean?

Tourism is an important industry in large parts of world and includes several areas of activity in hospitality and travel industry: living, eating, doing, traveling and selling. Both private individuals 'and companies' needs for services in tourism area are growing and becoming more varied. This means that expectations of new experiences increase a... Read More

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What Does 'Adam Smiths Theory Of Development' Mean?

Adam Smith develops a theory of development based on relationship between the division of labor and productivity. According to British economist, division of labor improves labor productivity through specialization. Each worker specializes in carrying out a single operation with greater skill, faster and without downtime in production process. The ... Read More

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What Does 'Adaptive Education' Mean?

Adaptive education is based on differences between children and tailors the education to needs of pupils. The vision behind it's that children learn better if the subject matter is geared to interests of students. Adaptive education wants variety in lessons and more attention for collaboration. The self-confidence and personal responsibility of stu... Read More

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