What Does 'Path (social Network)' Mean?

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The Meaing of Path (social Network)

Path is a social network available on Apple's mobile devices that permits users to create a contact list to share photos, messages and places where they are. Unlike another social networks like Facebook or Twitter, Path limits the contact list to a maximum of fifty. The selection to impose a maximum limit on friends derives from the idea of creating a system various from the classic social networks and more according to sociological theories that hypothesize a cognitive limit of 150 acquaintances for each man ' Dunbar number'. The developers themselves define Path as a personal network and not as a social network. The restricted system should overcome the problems encountered on another social networks such as privacy problems and noise effect generated by thousands of simultaneous communications. Path is at the meantime available on Apple devices. In the future, a version will also be developed for Android operating systems.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other