What Does 'People Development' Mean?

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The Meaing of People Development

People development is a continual process of preparation, learning and improvement, with results seen mainly in long term.

Across the improvement of technical skills 'hard skills' and behavioral skills ' soft skills ', employee and organization construct solid and lasting knowledge.

All of this will serve to maximize results at work, increasing motivation, commitment and, finally, the company's profits.

Investing in people development shows that the organization values its human capital, since knowledge is its most valuable asset.

If it still dose not seem clear, let's take an example.

Suppose a telephone call center, one of those that gather hundreds of employees in a large room, with headphones and unfeasible goals.

In this environment, there's no incentive for workers to grow, however, some of them are taking improvement courses so that, in future, they can work with client's success.

Remembering that customer success is a concept that goes beyond easy service and seeks to assist and retain the consumer.

Considering the limitations in this location, it is likely that the group will leave the job as soon as they discover their first career advancement opportunity, would you agree?

Soon, they discover vacancies with more benefits and leave the call center, which will have to bear the costs of recruiting, choosing and training new employees.

But not only that.

Upon leaving work, the group learns about the clients, the form of business, the organization, the system and what formats are the most appropriate for dealing, as an example, with a dissatisfied customer.

This intangible heritage is the most difficult to replace and could increase the business' competitiveness.

Hence the importance of really investing in professionals and their capabilities so that they can develop together with organization.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other