What Does 'Workflow' Mean?

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The Meaing of Workflow

Workflow is the method used to organize the workflow in a company. It consists of organizing and carrying out activities in a logical sequence, preferably in an automated way. In another words, it is the most efficient and practical step-by-step for carrying out a job.

It's necessary to save in mind that workflow is not a easy shift in order of tasks.

Although, unlike the math we teach at school, in this case, the order of factors does alter the result.

It is like assembling an electronic device, as an example, without utilizing the manual.

When dispensing material, it is likely that you'll fit all the bits in a random sequence rather than the step-by-step described in document.

This way, even if you administer to complete the task, you could make a failure in execution that impacts the efficiency of device.

Also, even if you've the product up and running, it is much more practical, quicker and safer to follow the manufacturer's instructions, do not you think?

After all, to define the assembly rules, the producer has certainly identified the best path to be followed.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other