What Does 'Data Management' Mean?

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The Meaing of Data Management

Data management is a discipline concerned to business field, which gives organizations the skills, resources and tools essential to manage their information.

In another words, data management is about identifying, storing, accessing, compiling, defending and utilizing it to strengthen a company's strategy.

It intends that, instead of conserving their records dispersed or limited to a single team, as an example, the company that bets on their management makes them available in an optimized and dynamic way, facilitating internal communication.

It also obtains a basis for making more assertive decisions over time, as the data supplies insights into employees, the market in which they operate, and target audience.

Though it has gained relevance in light of technological advances and popularization of internet, data management predates these phenomena.

Since they began to look after competitiveness, process efficiency and information security, organizations have already invested in area.

The main goal of data management is to accomplish data governance.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other