What Does 'Information Age' Mean?

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The Meaing of Information Age

Information Age is a term used to refer to technological reality as a mediator of human relations and interactions among machines, the latter increasingly autonomous.

One of main characteristics of this reality is hyperconnectivity, that is, the fact that everyone is connected all the time.

Your parents probably went online. You do not obtain out of it for nothing ? it has changed a lot in this field in less than a generation

Moreover to exchanging information in real time, an user has, individually, the opportunity of consulting an immense universe of information sources at a relatively low cost.

Relatively speaking, my father used a postal service to access a US college library when he was doing his master's degree in S?o Paulo. Each request took more than a month to return, when it returned?

Today, a computer or cell phone connected to Starbucks Wi-Fi does the same operation in minutes 'search, selection, article download', probably before finishing the coffee.

But the Information Age goes far beyond that. With these devices connected, people become data generators, even if they usually don't know it.

When utilizing Waze as a GPS to get thereabouts, as an example, a driver is supplying hundreds of real-time data about his route.

These data ? such as the average travel time on a specific road ? will affect the routes proposed by the app to another drivers.

There're several similar examples of automatic and real-time data generation that make up what is usually called big data ? we'll talk more about this concept later.

As data is untreated information, we can say that big data is the oil of Information Age. Refined, it is worth gold ? raw, it is almost useless.

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