What Does 'Edutainment' Mean?

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The Meaing of Edutainment

Edutainment is the production of educational content, technological solutions or teaching methods that use entertainment values.

The word itself already gives its intending, since it is an amalgamation in English that merges educational and entertainment in a single term ? like the word edtechs, which intends educational technologies.

In edutainment creations, education is the objective, the end,

But the entertainment is the language, the medium used to educate.

As much as possible, therefore, solutions are created that educate and entertain in equal measure.

There're several forms of media in which this formula can be put into practice, such as music, movies, audiovisual series, games, program, applications and electronic devices.

The intention of creators and developers is to present educational content in a way that the user dose not feel the burden of an obligation.

It is not something that he ?has to learn?has to do?, but an activity that gives pleasure, to which the person will dedicate themselves because they like it, not because they need to.

After all, the word entertainment is not used here as a synonym for distraction, but for an enjoyable and fun pastime.

Since we've brought up the definition of entertainment, why not talk about what counts as education?

You might think that everyone knows what educational content is, but the truth is, in some cases, it is not so easy to distinguish among edutainment and easy entertainment.

Educational content is content made with intention of supplying learning about a subject or knowledge that's useful for personal or professional formation of an individual.

In this way, edutainment is various from infotainment, the union of information and entertainment.

Information is more objective, and superficial, instant and perennial, while education involves knowledge and skills concerned to a more great purpose.

This or any another attempt at definition will all the time be incomplete, as education ? just like entertainment ? is a concept that will never cease to have a high load of subjectivity.

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