What Does 'Scrum' Mean?

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The Meaing of Scrum

Scrum is a set of best practices used in administering complicated projects, where all the steps or needs are not known.

Focused on team members, Scrum makes processes simpler and clearer by conserving visible records of progress of every step.

Thus, the participants realize what stage the project is at, what has already been finished and what remains to be done for its delivery.

The methodology also permits products to be presented in less time, without neglecting quality.

It is applied from fast cycles, called sprints, in which there's a set time for activities to be finished ? usually among two and four weeks.

Prioritizing creativity and fluidity in processes, Scrum follows six principles:

- Flexibility of results
- Flexibility of deadlines
- Small teams
- Constant reviews
- Collaboration
- Object orientation.

As it makes it possible to accurate errors organically during sprints, Scrum is considered an agile methodology.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other