What Does 'Unemployed' Mean?

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The Meaing of Unemployed

In line with Central Statistical Office and in line with definition recommended by the International Labor Company 'ILO', an unemployed person is a person aged 15-74 who meets three conditions at the same time: during the analyzed week, he was not working, he was actively seeking work and was ready to take up work in surveyed week or next. An unemployed person is also a person who was not seeking a job because he had a job arranged and waited for it to begin for a duration not more long than 3 months and was ready to take it.

This definition of an unemployed person is used in methodology of quarterly Labor Force Survey 'LFS'. It is assumed that in LFS survey, the unemployed don't contain people who work illegally or aren't in fact interested in taking up a job. The assumptions contained in presented definition differ from those used by employment offices when measuring registered unemployment. The statistics of registered unemployment are more high than the statistics acquired in quarterly BAEL survey.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Career