What Does 'Economically Inactive - Professionally Inactive' Mean?

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The Meaing of Economically Inactive - Professionally Inactive

People not working and not seeking a job. The group of economically inactive people includes: people who are not willing to work despite having the ability to work, the elderly 'retirement age' or those who are of productive age but have acquired disability pension rights and do not intend to return to labor market. The state of professional inactivity also applies to disabled people and young people who have not yet started their professional career or have temporarily withdrawn from the labor market due to continuing education or need to care for a child or family.

In line with definition of Central Statistical Office and methodology of quarterly Labor Force Survey 'LFS', economically inactive persons are considered to be 15 years of age and more, who in surveyed week:

- they did not work, they did not have a job and they were not seeking it,
- were not working, were seeking a job, but were not ready to take it in two weeks following the surveyed week,
- they did not work and were not seeking a job because they had a fixed job and waited for it to begin in period:
- more long than 3 months,
- up to 3 months, but they were not ready to take this job

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Category: Glossary, Type: Career