What Does 'Lifelong Learning' Mean?

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The Meaing of Lifelong Learning

In line with definition adopted by the related area, lifelong learning intends learning, individual and social development plus continual improvement of qualifications, competences and general knowledge throughout the entire life - from pre-school to retirement. Lifelong learning is one of priorities of related area, which aims to create a strong knowledge-based economy. For this reason, the Community actively supports and co-finances this kind of education across area funds - primarily the Social Fund.

The local definition refers only to mature education and focuses on issues concerned to improvement of professional qualifications. In line with local legislation, the term lifelong learning defines education in schools for adults, plus acquiring skills and upgrading qualifications by unemployed people, jobseekers, current employees and employers. Lifelong learning may be institutionalized 'e.g. postgraduate studies' or informal in kind of lectures, courses or training courses organized by commercial companies.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Career