What Does 'Legality' Mean?

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The Meaing of Legality

When it comes to legality, it refers to presence of a system of laws that must be complied with and that present the acceptance of sure actions, behaves or circumstances, in turn, they disapprove of others that influence the established and current norms.

The law is a rule or norm that must be applied by a competent authority and that must be respected without exception by people who live in a community. This law requires or disapproves of something that's perfectly in tune with justice and usual good of all.

However, all actions that violate a law are particularly typified in a code and happen to intend a punishment that's tied to seriousness and nature of failure.

Any self-respecting rule of law is governed by a system of norms and institutions concerned to a constitution that seeks to assure basic human rights. It is worth noting that the legal zone of a community can't be fully shared by other community, particularly with regard to traditions and old laws that remain in time. Hence, numerous societies came into clash when it came to resolving usual issues, even though international law or legality intends to set up norms for usual coexistence that can be organized and resolved in accordance with interests of all nations together.

The principle of legality emerged in more old societies that began to write down laws that were formerly only oral and that were the result of customs and traditions 'customary laws'. By putting the laws in writing, it supplies true identity so that there's no type of contrary interpretation and establishes the submission of each and every individual in its existence.

Let's suppose for a second how chaotic it would be to live and develop in a society that lacks legality, rules and justice. It would be extremely difficult and why not impossible to live. Legality, that is, living within the law, guarantees respect for rights of citizens, but if there's no such respect, you can claim a claim in court in order to resolve the impacted situation.

Society, in turn, must commit to respecting the laws, because if there's a law, it must be followed, on the another hand it makes no sense to have it. Each person has a social responsibility to assist and contribute to consolidation of legality and rule of law, and can do it with small actions: collaboratesing and respecting the laws, knowing the basic rules, condemning and refraining from actions that contravene legality.

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