What Does 'Storage' Mean?

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The Meaing of Storage

For any ordered system, storage units are units that let you to physically or virtually store data files of all types. More especially in computing, storage units are all devices, internal or external, that store information in a given system. Devices differ in size, shape and utilize, but together they all contribute to retention of user-relevant data in digital form.

There're several storage units available. The most usual is the hard disk drives that are contained in most computers and which, between another things, store information that permits you to begin the system and programs, plus text files, audio and video images of user. The hard drive comes in different sizes and is often expandable. Unlike another units, this one usually has a more high capacity.measured in gigabytes 'GB', more high speed, that is, access to information, and better data transmission capacity. Most hard drives are internal, however external drives are available to store large amounts of information and which can be easily transported from one system to another, as an example for exchanging data among two computers.

Another popular storage devices are CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, which are typically much more small in size than a hard drive, but offer an alternative to storing small amounts of information with much more bendy mobility. However, most CDs and DVDs can only write data once and so this data can't be erased or supplemented by others.

More recently, flash or USB memories have become popular, which are small variable-capacity storage devices that store information inside and that may not need batteries. It connects to a computer by a USB port and permits for fast and simple transport of large amounts of information from one system to another.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other