What Does 'Sport' Mean?

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The Meaing of Sport

Everyone has ever heard the question 'Do you practice any sport?'. The sport itself is the physical activity performed within a game or a championship of any type, the practice of which is subject to particular rules. This activity can be a easy entertainment, a championship, a game for pleasure or a physical and/or mental exercise that assists us save in shape or regain it.

We shouldn't associate the word 'Sport' simply and exclusively with physical activities, since chess is considered a sport and main activity that takes place in it is the mental one.

Playing sports is very good for your health. If we go back a few in history, the Chinese, around the fourth century BC, practiced activities that could be categorized under the term sport. We emphasize that at that time gymnastics was a usual practice in China 'maybe because they are so good at it today', Swimming, darts and wrestling were practiced by the Egyptians. However, we discover the basis of fantastic sports in classical Greece where the cult of sport, particularly of man and his body, led to creation of Olympic Games whose goal was to exalt the greatest expression of vital force.

Today, sport is considered a essential practice for people's quality of life. Everyone needs a few activity, whether it is at the highest level or simply walking at a brisk pace like a treadmill, to take care of both body and mind. Sport has become one of fantastic models of entertainment in society. It is almost impossible to discover a country that is not associated with a sure sport like soccer with Brazil, basketball in USA or karate in Japan.

So, nothing better than playing a sport. Moreover to being essential for well-being and health, it helps to accomplish the perfect balance among the physical and mental.

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