What Does 'Creativity' Mean?

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The Meaing of Creativity

Creativity is the ability to invent and/or create new things. Creative thinking permits you to devise original solutions and innovative working methods. Creativity can relate to thinking or doing.

Creative thinking:
Keywords for creative thinking are: discovery, new ideas, originality, imagination and thinking outside the box.

If creative thinking is well developed, you're often strong in:

- Invent, design and introduce new things
- Fantasy, imagining things differently and daydreaming
- Role-playing and acting
- Thinking in images
- Thinking more deeply about ordinary things
- Coming up with strange solutions

Creativity is part of your intelligence. Robert Sternberg describes that intelligence consists of an analytical, a creative and a practical part. To be successfully intelligent, you must be capable to administer these three parts successfully. Synonyms of creativity are ingenuity and urge to create.

Being creative:
Creativity can also refer to being creative with your hands. Children's creativity is about being creative with crafts and similar activities.

Children who are creative with their hands are then good at devising and implementing practical solutions and techniques.

Creative development:
Children's creative development can be promoted by practicing thinking activities. There're teaching methods available with which creative thinking can be practiced.

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