What Does 'Development' Mean?

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The Meaing of Development

The term development has several meanings. First, the term can be understood as the process of evolution, growth and alter of a particular object, person or situation under sure conditions. Development is the condition of evolution that all the time has a positive connotation as it implies a growth or step towards more high stages. The notion of development can then serve to refer to things, people, situations or phenomena of different kinds.

When it comes to human development, it seeks to set up the idea of evolution from the earliest stages and phases of a person's life, to later ones, which all the time imply more high levels of maturity and cognitive. Human development, then, is the growth that a person shows from being a boy until he becomes a teenager and, later, an adult. It is supposed that in step from the primary to later stages, the human being acquires an necessary number of behaviors, values and ways of thinking that have to do with life in society and with sharing various forms of situations with rest of individuals.

Development can also be applied to goal situations such as the development of a country or a city. In this sense, development is measured in quantitative plus qualitative terms, as elements such as the number of inhabitants in a space, the quality of life of these people, the way in which the human being has integrated into the environment enter the image; the various inventions, between numerous others. This is where the idea of developed countries comes in compared to underdeveloped countries 'those that still do not have all the elements considered fundamental for well-being of their inhabitants'.

Finally, other of situations in which the term development is used is when referring to parts of a story or a brief story. Here, literary works are divided into three large sections: the beginning, the development and end. Development is described as the moment in which the problems and situations to be resolved in story take place, while the beginning is the presentation of characters and end is the resolution of all the suggested problems.

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