What Does 'Physical Education' Mean?

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The Meaing of Physical Education

The physical education is an effective teaching tool because it assists develop the basic qualities of man as a bio-psycho-social unit. Physical education contributes to educational actions with its scientific foundations and its interdisciplinary links, relying on philosophy, psychology, biology, and many another disciplines.

It has a decisive role in conservation and development of health in terms of assisting human beings to adapt their relationships and behaviors in relation to conditions in outside world. Specifically, in adolescents, it assists to overcome the aggressions that are typical of everyday life and environment to face the present and future with a positive attitude.

Physical education promotes and facilitates individuals to reach and understand their own body, its possibilities, to realize and master a varied number of physical and sports activities, so that in future they can select those that are most convenient for their development and personal recreation, enhancing your quality of life across personal enrichment and enjoyment, and relationships with others.

Physical education means to face all bodily aspects of human being, plus the development and improvement of their natural qualities, thus actively influencing the environment, resulting in integral development, the general education of individual from the moment in which it supplies them with cognitive, effective and driving stimulus, letting them to obtain skills, attitudes and habits to support their harmonious development across activities that are in accordance with their needs and interests at various stages of life.

It is a pedagogical discipline that has sports as its medium and which are combined with physical and recreational activities to create harmony in individual's abilities and skills and that let their daily life to have a better quality.

For all these reasons, it can be concluded that the definition of physical education is of a pedagogical nature, and that it is directed towards the development and improvement of human being, both physically and mentally; plus it is worth saying that this matter is of paramount importance for good health of person, as it supports to elevate the integral development of human being.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other