What Does 'Exhibition Design' Mean?

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The Meaing of Exhibition Design

Exhibition design as a kind of communication includes numerous dimensions and offers various possibilities for expression. All the senses are touched and impacted by how objects, colors, images, texts, light and sound are exposed.

Vocational Guide

The teaching of exhibition design must develop students to acquire the knowledge of and skills in different expression possibilities of exposure, from idea to completed product, in shop and window display, exhibition, fairs, theater and film. The teaching should lead to students developing knowledge of digital technology and relevant software plus the ability to use another equipment. Students will also be given the chance to develop the ability to bring models and floor plans to life across an animated presentation or another visual design.
The teaching should give students the chance to strengthen their ability to express themselves clearly, precisely and interestingly, plus develop knowledge of how textual material is disposed of and presented in order to capture the recipient's interest. The teaching should also lead to students developing the ability to draw conclusions based on connection among time, costs and quality of completed production.
The teaching should give students the chance to develop the ability to work independently and environmentally conscious, to take responsibility and be able to behave with judgment in their own work.

Needed Career Skills

  • Ability to plan, organize and execute store and window displays, exhibitions, trade fairs and events.
  • Skills in visualizing ideas two- and three-dimensionally and in linguistically conveying various messages.
  • Knowledge of matching and coordination of various products.
  • Ability to use various forms of expression in work with exposures and exhibitions plus knowledge of how they interact.
  • Ability to use contemporary technology in areas of store and window display, exhibition, trade fair and events.
  • Skills in calculating production costs and working with logistics.
  • Ability to analyze and assess various forms of exposures and exhibitions based on target group, message and from another aspects.

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