What Does 'Deontology' Mean?

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The Meaing of Deontology

There're professionals, as an example, in medicine and journalism, who have an necessary interaction with people and, therefore, demand that they be much more careful than others, whose action is not as decisive for life and development of human beings.

From that point onwards, deontology enters, a science that brings together a series of duties and norms about how the professional practice of a sure zone should be.

Taking into consideration the formerly mentioned is that we are faced with medical ethics and professional intends of communication, which assists people working in these areas to solve or address particular issues of ethics and some values are in crisis or at play.

Deontology is a type of manual that clarifies to us what we should consider as good or bad, and even so, all the obligations that are in front of performance of any activity or profession.

In the case of journalistic deontology, to cite one of most discussed cases, journalists are obliged to report truthfully and objectively, plus defend their sources. However, when any of these points is violated by a journalist, it intends that he's going against deontology and that he clearly should be punished for violating these fundamental issues in practice of his profession.

Something similar occurs with medicine that even dealing with people is forced to exercise responsibly and around a series of norms that do not threaten the honor and health of people.

Between the basic principles we can mention free and notified consent, which involves respecting a patient's preferences in terms of treatment and care. And another necessary one for medical deontology is the fact of refraining from, inflicting or causing any type of harm to others.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Other