What Does 'Special Sports' Mean?

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The Meaing of Special Sports

The subject special sports enables a healthy sports career and performance development in a chosen sport. It deals with methods and theories plus the practical practice of particular sports towards the elite level. The subject special sports may only be arranged in sports education at the national sports high school or nationally accepted sports education.

Vocational Guide

The teaching of of special sports shall purpose at the students developing the ability to play sports plus a holistic and ethical approach to sports and their own sports careers. It should give students the chance to develop knowledge of methods and theories for training plus the ability to plan, implement and assess training and competition activities. In addition, students will be given the chance to develop knowledge about the sports career, the structure and function of human body plus about energy-giving processes, diet, sports psychological aspects and another factors necessary for students' performance and personal development.
The teaching must also give students the chance to develop knowledge about the importance of sports movement in society, its growth, objectives and scope nationally and internationally. In addition, the teaching must contribute to students developing the ability to lead in training activities and in another functions within the sports movement.
By participating in different activities, students will acquire insight into and experience of elite sports and training development plus the role of sports movement in society and of leadership in different sports contexts. Across the teaching, students will be given the chance to develop knowledge about human behavior, as an individual and as a group member, and about how body ideals and another perceptions based on culture and gender emerge in environments that are linked to training and competition activities. The teaching must counteract discriminatory notions and contribute to respecting various physical conditions.

Needed Career Skills

  • Ability to practice particular sports at the elite level.
  • Knowledge of how one's own body functions in training and competition contexts based on biomechanical, sports psychological, sports physiological and nutritional physiological theories.
  • Knowledge of and ability to utilize and assess training methods to develop performance.
  • Knowledge of importance of sports and training environments for performance development.
  • Knowledge of how injuries and ill health are prevented and treated.
  • Knowledge of leadership and company of sports movement.
  • Knowledge of various values in training and competition contexts plus the ability to adjust training to ethical norms and rules for training and sports activities.
  • Knowledge of people's ways of collaborating and communicating in training and competition contexts plus the ability to lead, communicate, collaborate.

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