What Does 'Service and Hospitality' Mean?

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The Meaing of Service and Hospitality

The subject service and hospitality deals with how to meet clients or guests in a professional way in service situations.

Vocational Guide

The teaching in subject of service and hospitality must develop students to acquire the knowledge in treating clients or guests in a service-oriented way and to take benefit of customer contacts to create long-term relationships. In the teaching, students will be given the chance to develop knowledge about various target groups and how to take into account various personalities and individual wishes. Students should also be given the chance to develop the ability to handle both positive and negative reactions in service situations. The teaching should contribute to students developing the ability to be responsive and bendy in various sales situations and think result-oriented in these. Furthermore, students should be given the chance to develop knowledge of importance of language and communication in encounters with others.
The teaching should lead to students developing knowledge in marketing, exposure of goods or services and presentation techniques. Students will be given the chance to develop an understanding of personal service and its importance as a intends of competition. In addition, students should be given the chance to reflect on impact of their own attitude on quality of service.
Across practical application, the teaching should give students the chance to develop their knowledge in service zone in such a way that they develop their self-confidence in service situation.

Needed Career Skills

  • Knowledge of various service situations.
  • Ability to reply to clients or guests in various service situations and assess their response.
  • Ability to handle positive and negative reactions in contacts with clients or guests.
  • Knowledge of importance of good product knowledge and marketing in service situations.
  • Skills in performing sales techniques, exposure and presentation techniques plus in assessing their work and results.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Education