What Does 'Contract For an Indefinite Period' Mean?

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The Meaing of Contract For an Indefinite Period

Form of employment contract that dose not specify an end date. The termination of such an agreement must be preceded by a particular action by one or both of interested parties. The Labor Code supplies for three ways of terminating the contract for an indefinite period: signing an agreement to terminate the contract, termination by one of parties or termination of contract without notice. Termination of contract by mutual agreement of parties may take place at any time and freely specify the date of end of contract. Termination of an employment contract for an indefinite period requires the submission of a written declaration by one of parties so that the another party has an chance to read the document. If notice is given, both parties must respect the relevant time limits. The so-called

- two weeks if the employee has been employed for less than six months,
- a month if he has been employed for at least six months,
- three months if the employee has been employed for more than three years.

The notice period begins at the beginning of next month or week. The provisions of labor law let for shortening the notice periods in sure situations. The employer, when terminating the contract for an indefinite period, is obliged to state the reason for termination, the employee is not obliged to do so. Both the employer and employee may terminate the contract for an indefinite period - without notice, which intends that they break the provisions of contract with instant effect. It is only effective if they have a legitimate reason to do so - which is a breach of rights by the another party or failure to fulfill obligations 'e.g. unexcused absence of an employee or delay in payment of remuneration by the employer'. Either party may appeal to an employment tribunal in such a situation. Additionally,

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Category: Glossary, Type: Career