What Does 'Maternity Allowance' Mean?

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The Meaing of Maternity Allowance

The allowance for duration of maternity leave, extra maternity leave under the terms of maternity leave, extra leave under the terms of maternity leave, parental leave and paternity leave.

The quantity of maternity allowance depends on how the leaves concerned to birth of child were used:

- The allowance in quantity of 80% of calculation basis is granted in event of submitting, not later than 14 days after childbirth, an application to employer for an extra full-time maternity leave immediately after the basic maternity leave, and immediately after it - full-time parental leave.
- If such an application is not submitted, the allowance will be 100% for duration of basic and extra maternity leave 'i.e. 26 weeks for birth of one child, 39 - two, 41 - three, 43 - four, 45 - five and more children' ' and 60% of calculation basis for duration of parental leave 'up to 26 weeks, regardless of number of children born at one birth'.

If you select the first of suggested solutions and then resign, either full-time extra maternity leave and parental leave, or full-time parental leave, you're entitled to compensation for maternity allowance received. It is possible under the condition that the another parent dose not take these leaves, and thus also dose not receive benefits for duration corresponding to these leaves.

Compensation in kind of an one-off payment is due for period of holiday taken so that the quantity of 80% of maternity benefits gathered is equal to 100% of calculation basis.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Career