What Does 'Machine Service' Mean?

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The Meaing of Machine Service

The subject of machine service contains the knowledge needed to handle the mechanical equipment on board ships. It deals with technology and methods used for operation and maintenance within the engine department of merchant ships. This contains technical concepts and theories.

Vocational Guide

The teaching in subject machine service must develop students to acquire the knowledge of operation and guarding on ships plus the ability to perform operational work within the machine department and tasks for on-duty machine personnel. It should also lead to students developing knowledge of mechanics and materials science plus technical knowledge. Students will be given the chance to develop knowledge of ship maintenance and ability to perform maintenance work within the engine department. This knowledge is necessary in line with national and international rules for service on board ships.
In teaching, students should be given the chance to work with tasks that are designed so that they reflect and prepare for situations that students will encounter in their profession. These tasks must be based on a problem-solving approach.

Needed Career Skills

  • Ability to perform tasks for on-call machine personnel.
  • Knowledge of machine commander duties.
  • Ability to perform operational work within a ship's engine department.
  • Ability to perform maintenance work within the engine department on a ship.
  • Ability to work environmentally, safety and quality conscious in way the profession requires.
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate with a language relevant to profession.
  • Knowledge of technical constructions and technical equipment available in engine department of a ship.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations that arrange the area.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Education