What Does 'Warehouse and Terminal' Mean?

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The Meaing of Warehouse and Terminal

The subject warehouse and terminal deals with various logistics flows, connections between various modes of transport and handling methods and how the interaction among these impacts goods flows. The subject is based on prerequisites for contemporary and rational warehouse and terminal management. The subject also deals with particular requirements and regulations that are linked to professional warehouse and terminal management.

Vocational Guide

The teaching of warehouse and terminal must develop students to acquire the knowledge of logistics and technical solutions for efficient and rational goods handling. It should lead to students developing the ability to handle the machines and equipment needed for efficient stock management. Students will be given the chance to develop the ability to optimize warehouse and terminal surfaces plus knowledge of alternative warehouse systems for goods flows and warehouse administration.
The teaching shall give students the chance to develop knowledge of documentation requirements for export and import of goods, the routines and shipping documents that follow national and international transports, plus knowledge in information technology. Across the teaching, students will be given the chance to develop knowledge about how various logistics solutions influence society, the economy and environment, plus about connections that contribute to long-term sustainable development. The teaching must also contribute to students developing knowledge about the individual's participation and responsibility for safety, the environment and work environment.
In teaching, students should be given the chance to work with tasks that are designed so that they reflect and prepare for situations that students will encounter in their profession. These tasks must be based on a problem-solving and laboratory approach.

Needed Career Skills

  • Knowledge of transport industry and of various modes of transport and logistics solutions.
  • Knowledge of various warehouse environments and warehouse structures.
  • Ability to handle goods in various warehouse environments and terminals.
  • Ability to use IT support and computer for processes within orders and stock management plus technical solutions for efficient and rational stock and terminal management.
  • Ability to perform packaging plus weight and volume calculation of goods.
  • Ability to dispose of storage and terminal surfaces for an optimal flow of goods.
  • Ability to motivate their stock management based on economic and environmental factors.
  • Ability to work in an ergonomic, safe, environmental and quality way based on laws and another regulations that arrange the business.

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Category: Glossary, Type: Education