What Does 'Industrial Engineering Specialization' Mean?

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The Meaing of Industrial Engineering Specialization

The subject of industrial engineering specialization enables the development of its handle for handling materials and equipment in chosen field of technology.

Vocational Guide

The teaching in industrial engineering specialization shall purpose at the students deepening their knowledge in a field of technology and developing their handling of tools and equipment in connection with solving a well-defined task. The teaching should contribute to students developing an understanding of professional role and knowledge of importance of taking responsibility in working life. It should also give students the chance to develop creativity plus problem-solving and initiative skills.
The teaching shall give students opportunities to develop the ability to independently search for rules and regulations regarding dimensioning standards, design standards, health and environmental regulations and another requirements-specific regulations that influence the work process and design of ultimate product. Across the teaching, students will also be given the chance to develop the ability to quality insure the work in accordance with a quality assurance system that's applied in current industry.
The teaching should lead to students developing the ability to communicate in a relevant professional language with management, colleagues and clients and customers.
The teaching should give students the chance to develop the ability to document and present both the work process and completed product. Furthermore, students should be given the chance to develop skills in, during the course of work, evaluating how the work process has impacted the result and reflect on their own efforts.

Needed Career Skills

  • Ability to recognize work environment risks and then plan, organize and perform tasks within the choosed technology zone in a safety-correct manner with regard to work environment, ergonomics and health.
  • Ability to search and utilize information.
  • Ability to make relevant evaluations of costs, material consumption, time for execution and location of complicating circumstances.
  • Ability to make risk evaluations for materials and tools prior to implementation of work.
  • Ability to select, utilize and care for equipment and materials that are appropriate for task.
  • Ability to document both work process and results in line with established guidelines.
  • Ability to present both results and work process.
  • Ability to assess the work process and one's own work effort and evaluate whether the result meets established quality and ordering requirements.
  • Ability to cooperate and utilize concepts and expressions that are relevant to field of technology.

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