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1- Limousine And Hearse Upholsterer

Upholster interior of limousine hearse bodies, performing any combination of following duties. Select and cuts material to specifications, using shears pattern. Sews material together, using sewing machine.

2- Upholsterer Limousine And Hearse

Upholster interior of limousine hearse bodies, performing any combination of following duties. Select and cuts material to specifications, using shears pattern. Sews material together, using sewing machine.

3- Ladle Liner

Repair and relines ladles used to transport pour molten metals. Chip slag from interior lining of ladle, using hammer chisel. Mix sand, clay and water, using shovel to form refractory clay mud.

4- Laborer Solder Making

Perform any combination of tasks involved in melting, refining, and pouring solder. Shovel scrap into furnace melting pots adjusts fuel valves to regulate melting. Skim off dross with ladle.

5- Expedition Supervisor

Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in hunting for and capturing sea mammals for research display. Confer with management to ascertain kind and number of animals to be captured, time location of hunt and mode of travel.

6- Laborer Brush Clearing

Cuts trees, brush, and other growth, using chain saw, ax, brush-hook, and other handtools to clear land for construction, forestry, logging or agriculture activities, to remove infestation, or to control growth along utility, highway, or railroad right-of-way.

7- Log Sorter

Sort logs in boom according to species, size, and owners markings. Separate logs, floats them into designated bays with pike pole and closes bay with chain or cable. Open bay maneuvers logs into designated rafting or mill storage area.

8- Log Scaler

Estimate marketable content of logs or pulpwood. Measure dimensions of each log or entire loads of pulpwood, using scale stick, tape measure, or other measuring device. Determine total board feet, cordage, or other wood unit, using conversion table.

9- Log Grader

Grade logs in sorting yard, millpond, or log deck according to industry or company standards. Measure diameter and length of log, using scale stick, steel tape, or other measuring aid and determines total volume, using conversion table [Log Scaler logging; millwork-plywood; paper & pulp; saw. plan. ].

10- Log Sorting Supervisor

Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in unloading, scaling, grading, and sorting logs in log boom or sorting yard. Designate storage location for each category of log grade, specie and size.

11- Laborer Tanbark

Harvest tanbark, performing any combination of following tasks. Cuts limbs from felled trees, using chain saw or ax. Cuts rings slits in bark and strips bark from tree, using spud or ax.

12- Logger All round

Harvest timber trees, performing combination of following tasks. Fell trees in specified direction, removes limbs and top and measures cuts tree into log lengths, using chain saw, wedges and ax. Secure cables to logs drives tractor or horses to skid logs to landing.

13- Landscape Supervisor

Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintenance of areas, like parks, botanical gardens, and playgrounds. Plan landscaping tasks and instructs workers in taking care of nursery, planting of flowers and transplanting and pruning of trees shrubbery.

14- Liner Reroll Tender

Tend machine that cleans, smooths, repairs, and rerolls fabric liners for reuse in winding uncured rubber fabric materials, calendered rubber or rubberized fabric. Position liner roll in letoff bracket manually or by use of hoist.

15- Laundromat Manager

Manage coin-operated drycleaning laundering business. Plan implements hours of operations, types of services to be provided and charges for services. Order machines, equipment and supplies for operation.

16- Lodging Facilities Attendant

Perform various clerical, housekeeping, and maintenance duties at tourist camp, motel, trailer park, vacation resort, or lodge. Inform guests concerning services facilities available. Register guests, assigns cabins, rooms, or trailer spaces and collects rents.

17- Loading Supervisor

Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in blending, compounding, packing, loading, and shipping special petroleum products, like asphalt paints, paint primer, mastics, and lighter fluid.

18- Layer off

Pull gloves over heated, hand-shaped form and smooths with hands, cloth, or brush to shape press gloves. Press thick portion of heavy gloves by beating finger tips seams with wooden block. May smooth glove between fingers crotch by pulling rake pronged bar over gloved form.

19- Launderer Hand

Wash, dries, and irons articles in hand-laundries and laundromats, using equipment, like hand iron, and small washing drying machines. Sort articles on worktable or in baskets on floor to separate special washes, like fugitives starch work.

20- Escort Patients

Escort or transports patients within hospital or other medical facility. Determine patient name, destination, mode of travel, time and other data, following written or oral instructions. Direct or escorts incoming patients from admitting office or reception desk to designated area.

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