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What is a Work Experience Letter?

A work experience letter (certificate) is a written statement in which a (former) employer records that an employee has performed work for a certain period for a company that describes the nature of the work, the period of employment and the manner and reason why it was employment has been terminated. An experience letter is issued at the request of the (former) employee if the employee is dismissed or if his or her employment ends.

In an experience letter, the employer describes how the employee has functioned in the opinion of the employer. A work experience letter can therefore be regarded as a type of written reference that the employee can use when applying for a position at another employer. An experience letter can be a recommendation from the former employer that recommends the employee in writing for new employers.

What should be included in an experience letter?

An experience letter contain elements, such as:

  • The name of the company that delivers it.
  • The title "Work certificate" or "Experience letter".
  • The name and surname, date of birth and possibly the nationality of the worker.
  • The function that the worker has covered in the company and his degree of employment.
  • The duration of the employment contract (start and end date).
  • The main tasks assigned to the worker as well as the specific projects.
  • A qualitative assessment of the worker's performance, attitude and behavior.
  • The reason why the certificate was issued.
  • A closing formula containing thanks and best wishes and any special clauses such as confidentiality and non-competition clauses.
  • The date of issue of the document.
  • The signature of the direct superior, the head of the personnel service or the general manager according to the internal rules of the company.

What are the advantages of an experience letter for an employee?

The work experience letter testifies to the employee's activity within the company. it's proof of the existence and duration of the employment relationship. it's therefore essential to keep this document.

It allows the employee to find a job more easily with another employer, since it justifies that he is free from any commitment, but also to assert his rights with new employments.

Another utility, it serves as proof for the calculation of pensions and retirement annuities with social organizations and supplementary pensions.

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