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Storekeeper Employment Contract

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Employment Contract Writing & Format Example

Find storekeeper job agreement letter - employment contract sample (ex. 2094), simple template format example helps with document writing.
Storekeeper Employment Contract
Contract no. ...
Employer...Employer adderss...
Employee...Employee adderss...
Commencement...Place of work...

Contracting for job title / position: storekeeper

Job duties and responsibilities [are to]:

1) Direct warehousing activities for commercial or industrial establishment

2) Establish operational procedures for activities, like verification of incoming plus outgoing shipments, handling disposition of materials plus keeping warehouse inventory current

3) Inspect physical condition of warehouse & equipment as well as prepares work order for repairs requisitions for replacement of equipment

4) Confer with department heads to make sure coordination of warehouse activities with such activities as production, sales, records control, and also purchasing

5) Screen as well as hires warehouse personnel issues work assignments

6) Direct salvage of damaged or used material

7) May participate in planning personnel-safety plant-protection activities

Termination of employment...Wage...Hours of work...
Meal intervals...Sunday work...Public holidays...
Annual leave...Sick leave...Maternity leave...
Family responsibility Leave...Deductions from remuneration...Accommodation leave...
Special details...
Employer signature...Employee signature...Signature date...

* The signatures declare that this (contract) has been (agreed) from both the (employer) and the (employee) for the hiring of storekeeper job position.

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