Refrigeration Mechanic And Installer Employment Contract

Refrigeration Mechanic And Installer Employment Contract Template
This free refrigeration mechanic and installer employment contract sample will help you to learn how to create, write and format a simple job template for being able to build yours. View our simple employment contract example for refrigeration mechanic and installer.

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Contracting for job title / position:

"Refrigeration mechanic and installer" grade III.

Work Duties - are to:

1) Braze or solder parts to repair defective joints leaks

2) Dismantle malfunctioning systems test components, using electrical, mechanical, and also pneumatic testing equipment

3) Adjust or replace worn or defective mechanisms parts, and also reassemble repaired systems

4) Read blueprints to define location, size, capacity, and also type of components needed to build refrigeration system

5) Supervise instruct assistants

6) Install wiring to connect components to an electric power source

7) Perform mechanical overhauls refrigerant reclaiming

8) Cut, bend, thread, and also connect pipe to functional components water, power, or refrigeration system

9) Adjust valves according to specifications charge system with proper type of refrigerant by pumping the specified gas or fluid into the system

10) Estimate, order, pick up, deliver, and also install materials supplies needed to maintain equipment in good working condition

11) Install expansion as well as control valves, using acetylene torches wrenches

12) Mount compressor, condenser, and also other components in specified locations on frames, using hand tools acetylene welding equipment

13) Keep records of repairs as well as replacements made causes of malfunctions

14) Lay out reference points for installation of structural functional components, using measuring instruments

15) Schedule work with customers as well as initiate work orders, house requisitions orders from stock

16) Fabricate as well as assemble structural functional components of refrigeration system, using hand tools, power tools, and also welding equipment

17) Lift as well as align components into position, using hoist or block tackle

18) Drill holes as well as install mounting brackets plus hangers into floor walls of building

19) Insulate shells cabinets of systems

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