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Floorworker Job Contract Example

Job Contract Example:
Floorworker Job Contract Template
This floorworker job contract example shows how to use basic attributes such as employer and candidate information, job title, required duties, and other agreement details in order to build an employment contract letter.
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Example for Floorworker
Contract no....Date...
Employer name...Employer adderss...
Employee name...Employee adderss...
Starting From...Place of work...

Contracting for job title / position: "floorworker" grade III.

Job duties and responsibilities - are to:

1) Clean dresses pelts, performing any combination of following tasks

2) Cuts pelts on belly side from neck to tail with knife to facilitate further handling

3) Feed pelts into cylinder of combing machine that untangles hair

4) Load, starts, stops, and also unloads beating machine to remove loose hair foreign matter from pelts

5) Brush grease onto skin side of pelts to restore oils removed in dyeing as well as tanning processes, or loads pelts grease into revolving drum for specified time

6) Load pelts sawdust into revolving drum to tumble pelts in sawdust to dry, clean, and also soften them

7) Stop drum after specified interval transfers pelts to revolving cage to remove sawdust from pelts

8) Pull skin of pelt back forth over edge of metal bar, or slips uncut pelt over tongue of spreading device to stretch, open pores, and also soften skin of pelt

9) Trim furs with scissors to even length of hairs

10) May be designated according to specialized task performed or machine tended as Beating-Machine Operator leather mfg. ; Comber leather mfg. ; Cutter leather mfg. ; Drummer leather mfg. ; Fur Clipper leather mfg. ; Fur Puller leather mfg. ; Fur Stretcher leather mfg. ; Greaser leather mfg.

Termination of employment...Wage...Hours of work...
Meal intervals...Sunday work...Public holidays...
Annual leave...Sick leave...Maternity leave...
Family responsibility Leave...Deductions from remuneration...Accommodation leave...
Special details...
Employer signature...Employee signature...Signature date...

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