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Contracting for job title / position:

"Network systems engineer" grade III.

Work Duties - are to:

1) Analyze complex local as well as wide area network systems, including planning, designing, evaluating, selecting operating systems plus protocol suites and configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges other devices

2) May resolve difficult operability problems to obtain operation across all platforms including e-mail, files transfer, multimedia, teleconferencing the like

3) Configure systems to user environments

4) Support acquisition of hardware software, as well as subcontractor services, as needed. may act as a technical project leader or provide work leadership for lower level employees

5) Provide assistance as well as oversight for all information systems operations activities, including computer plus telecommunications/communications operations, data entry, data control, lan/man/wan administration and operations support, operating systems programming, system security policy procedures, and/or web strategy operations

6) Provide technical direction as well as engineering knowledge for communications activities including planning, designing, developing, testing, installing maintaining lan/wan or large communications networks

7) Direct compilation of records as well as reports concerning network operations maintenance

8) Troubleshoot network performance issues

9) Analyze network traffic provides capacity planning solutions

10) Monitor as well as responds to complex technical control facility hardware software problems

11) Interface with vendor support service groups to make sure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance

12) Manage the purchase, testing, installation, and also support of network communications, including lan/man/wan systems

13) Perform system-level design configuration of products including determination of hardware, os, and also other platform specifications

14) Plan large-scale systems projects through vendor comparison cost studies

15) Perform a variety of systems engineering tasks as well as activities that are broad in nature are concerned with major systems design, integration, and also implementation, including personnel, hardware, software, budgetary, and also support facilities and/or equipment

16) Provide quality assurance review as well as the evaluation of new existing software products

17) Provide input to policy level discussions regarding standards budget constraints

18) Supervise all personnel engaged in the operation support of network facilities, including all communications equipment on various platforms in large scale or multi-shift operations

19) Supervise complex operations that involve two or more additional functions such as, but not limited to, network operations, systems security, systems software support, and also production support activities

20) Provide the routine testing analysis of all elements of the network facilities including power, software, communications machinery, lines, modems, and also terminals

21) Utilize software as well as hardware tools plus identifies and diagnoses complex problems factors affecting network performance

22) Troubleshoot network systems when necessary as well as makes improvements to the network. ensures that adequate plus appropriate planning is provided to direct building architects and planners in building communications spaces media pathways meet industry standards

23) Develop, operates, and also maintains voice, wireless, video, and also data communications systems

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