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Bag End Sewer Job Employment Contract

Sample "Bag End Sewer" Employment Contract:
Bag End Sewer Job Employment Contract Template
This sample bag end sewer job employment contract shows how to use basic attributes such as employer and candidate information, job title, required duties, and other agreement details in order to build a job contract letter.
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Job Contract Agreement Writing & Format Example
Contract no....Date...
Employer name...Employer adderss...
Employee name...Employee adderss...
Commencement...Place of work...

Contracting for job title / position: "bag end sewer" grade III.

Job duties and responsibilities - are to:

1) Feed paper tubes into machine that stitches ends or sews glued tape to one or both ends to seal bags or to form overlap for self-sealing paper bags

2) Depress pedal to start machine conveyor

3) Lift tubes from load table & positions tubes individually on conveyor leading to machine mechanism that stitches ends as well as cuts strings tape

4) May be designated according to number of ends sewed as Double-End Sewer paper goods ; Single-End Sewer paper goods

Termination of employment...Wage...Hours of work...
Meal intervals...Sunday work...Public holidays...
Annual leave...Sick leave...Maternity leave...
Family responsibility Leave...Deductions from remuneration...Accommodation leave...
Special details...
Employer signature...Employee signature...Signature date...

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