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Airline Pilot Employment Contract

Airline Pilot Employment Contract Template
This sample airline pilot employment contract shows how to use basic attributes such as employer and candidate information, job title, required duties, and other agreement details in order to build an employment contract letter.
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» Sample for Airline Pilot
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Contracting for job title / position: "airline pilot" grade III.

Job duties and responsibilities - are to:

1) Use instrumentation to guide flights when visibility is poor

2) Work as part of a flight team with other crew members, especially during takeoffs landings

3) Contact control towers for takeoff clearances, arrival instructions, and also other information, using radio equipment

4) Steer aircraft along planned routes, using autopilot flight management computers

5) Monitor gauges, warning devices, and also control panels to verify aircraft performance to regulate engine speed

6) Start engines, operate controls, and also pilot airplanes to transport passengers, mail, or freight, adhering to flight plans, regulations, and also procedures

7) Inspect aircraft for defects malfunctions, according to pre-flight checklists

8) Check passenger as well as cargo distributions plus fuel amounts to make sure that weight balance specifications are met

9) Monitor engine operation, fuel consumption, and also functioning of aircraft systems during flights

10) Confer with flight dispatchers weather forecasters to keep abreast of flight conditions

11) Coordinate flight activities with ground crews as well as air traffic control plus inform crew members of flight test procedures

12) Order changes in fuel supplies, loads, routes, or schedules to make sure safety of flights

13) Choose routes, altitudes, and also speeds that will provide the fastest, safest, and also smoothest flights

14) Direct activities of aircraft crews during flights

15) Brief crews about flight details, like destinations, duties, and also responsibilities

16) Record in log books information like flight times, distances flown, and also fuel consumption

17) Make announcements regarding flights, using public address systems

18) File instrument flight plans with air traffic control to make sure that flights are coordinated with other air traffic

19) Perform minor maintenance work, or arrange for major maintenance

20) Instruct other pilots as well as student pilots in aircraft operations the principles of flight

21) Evaluate other pilots or pilot-license applicants for proficiency

22) Load smaller aircraft, handling passenger luggage supervising refueling

23) Plan as well as formulate flight activities plus test schedules prepare flight evaluation reports

24) Test evaluate the performance of new aircraft

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