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Furniture Mover Driver Employment Contract

Furniture Mover Driver Employment Contract Template
This sample furniture mover driver employment contract shows how to use basic attributes such as employer and candidate information, job title, required duties, and other agreement details in order to build an employment contract letter.
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» Sample for Furniture Mover Driver
Contract no....Date...
Employer name...Employer adderss...
Employee name...Employee adderss...
Starting From...Place of work...

Contracting for job title / position: "furniture mover driver" grade III.

Job duties and responsibilities - are to:

1) Load furniture into van, drives truck to specified destination, and also unloads furniture

2) Drive van to loading point consults householder on furniture to be moved

3) Give directions to Van-Driver Helper motor trans. in moving articles to van

4) Wrap furniture with blankets to prevent damage

5) Wrap dishes as well as fragile items in packing paper packs them into containers

6) Load truck, using dollies handtruck, distributing weight evenly, forming compact load, and also utilizing space

7) Drive van to destination unloads cargo

8) Obtain customers signature or collects payment for services

9) May service van [Gas-And-Oil Servicer motor trans. ]

10) May remove window frames as well as erect block tackle on house to remove bulky items

11) May move delicate equipment or instruments for industrial firms

12) May deliver items like furniture as well as large appliances to department store customers be designated Bulk Driver motor trans.

Termination of employment...Wage...Hours of work...
Meal intervals...Sunday work...Public holidays...
Annual leave...Sick leave...Maternity leave...
Family responsibility Leave...Deductions from remuneration...Accommodation leave...
Special details...
Employer signature...Employee signature...Signature date...
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