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Plastics Bench Mechanic Employment Contract

Plastics Bench Mechanic Employment Contract Template
This sample plastics bench mechanic employment contract shows how to use basic attributes such as employer and candidate information, job title, required duties, and other agreement details in order to build an employment contract letter.
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Contracting for job title / position: "plastics bench mechanic" grade III.

Job duties and responsibilities - are to:

1) Fabricate, assembles, reworks, and also repairs plastic products, applying knowledge of working characteristics of plastics bonding techniques, using precision instruments, handtools, power tools, machines, and also equipment

2) Read plus interprets blueprints, work orders plus related documentation to define methods & sequence of operations as well as dimensional finish specifications

3) Lays out cutting lines on plastic materials, like sheet stock & fiberglass or graphite cloth, following template pattern, blueprints, sketches, or sample part, using measuring marking instruments

4) Cuts material to size, using shears, knives, cutters, scissors, router, or saw

5) Mix ingredients, like resins, catalysts, fillers, accelerators, and also colors, according to formulas, manually or using mixer

6) Sets up as well as operates forming machines plus presses, or laminates plastic cloth resins or preimpregnated cloth onto layup mold or bonding fixture, to shape parts

7) Wrap bonding fixture or mold in vacuum bagging materials, attaches fittings to mold or fixture, like vacuum connections, thermocouples, and also probes, and also exhausts air from vacuum bag to prepare lamination for curing or bonding

8) Operate oven to cure parts

9) Trim, drills, reams, countersinks, grinds, and also finishes parts to specifications, using templates, handtools, and also power tools

10) Verify dimensions of parts, using precision instruments, like dial indicators, micrometers, and also calipers

11) Fits as well as assembles parts plus attaches hardware and fittings, like brackets hinges, using clamps, jigs, fixtures, power tools, and also fasteners

12) Apply tape, foam, or other type of adhesives to assembly for subsequent bonding in autoclave

13) Repair as well as reworks damaged or defective parts assemblies by lay up, foaming, cementing, molding, potting, casting, or similar methods

14) May heat parts or materials to facilitate shaping, using oven or heat gun

15) May fabricate as well as assemble parts from fiber reinforced plastics composites plus assorted materials, like metal honeycomb, and also be designated Bonding And Composite Fabricator aircraft mfg. ; Composites Fabricator And Assembler aircraft mfg.

16) May press, smooth, trim, measure, and also adjust composite tape during automatic application of tape onto mold or fixture by numerical-control tape laying machine, using scale, knife, and also scraper

17) May wind fiberglass, graphite, nylon, or other natural or synthetic fiber or filament around parts, using filament winding machine, manually applying layers of resinous materials to part at specified intervals during winding process

18) May be designated by type of part or activity involved as Experimental Plastics Fabricator aircraft mfg. ; Filament-Wound Parts Fabricator aircraft mfg. ; Plastic Parts Fabricator aircraft mfg. ; Plastic-Sign Fabricator plastic prod. ; Plastics Rework And Repair Mechanic aircraft mfg.

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