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Shop Supervisor Job Cover Letter

Supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining plus repairing mechanical parts of pumps, cranes, compressors, ditch diggers, automobiles, trucks, tractors, pipelaying machines, and also similar equipment used in constructing pipelines, transporting oil and other fluids, and also in related oil field construction or airport maintenance activities. Inspects defective equipment in shop or field to define extent of wear or damage. Performs other duties as descr...

Framer Job Cover Letter

Attaches hinged metal frames to leather or fabric handbags. Spreads grooves in frame, using automatic opening device or pliers. Brushes cement into grooves. Trims edges corners of bag fabric, using scissors. Clamps frame in frame-tightening device, and also pushes edges as well as corners of bag into grooves with fingers punch. Depresses pedal of tightening device to pinch sides of grooves around edges corners of bag fabric. May be designated according to type of handbag framed as Coin-Purs...

Model Maker Job Cover Letter

Constructs model of particular piece of ware to be used in casting molds. Forms model by carving it from plaster or from clay or both, or by shaping material with hands as it revolves on spinning table [Thrower (pottery plus porc.)], or by shaving it with steel cutting tools as it revolves [Turner (pottery porc.)]....

Subassembler Job Cover Letter

Performs any of following tasks to assemble electrical equipment parts, like armature cores, coils, electric motors, and also switches. Tapes lead wires to coils to facilitate soldering. Solders coil lead wires, using soldering iron. Trims leads as well as positions parts in specified relationship to each other, using hands handtools. Bolts, screws, clips, cements, and also fastens parts together, using hands, handtools, or portable powered tools. May remove burrs from parts prior to assemb...

Drier Operator Job Cover Letter

Controls drying tunnels to condition dry brick, sewer pipe, roofing tile, and also other clay products before treatment in kiln. Reads production schedule to define humidity plus temperature required for size type of product to be dried. Positions portable blowers in drying aisles to circulate heat air. Closes tunnel doors as well as starts blowers plus heaters to regulate humidity temperature within tunnel. Examines products for cracks indicating excessive drying. Reads humidity as w...

Driller Job Cover Letter

Operates portable rotary drilling rig to drill shallow boreholes to obtain samples of earth formations, for placement of explosives in seismic prospecting, or for other tests to discover petroleum. Positions truck-mounted derrick at drilling area specified on field map. Starts rig & moves throttles as well as clutches to raise lower drilling pipes. Counts sections of drill rod to define depth of borehole. Selects coring bit barrel. Withdraws core barrel from hole extracts core from barrel...

Final Inspector Job Cover Letter

Tests polarity connections on finished storage batteries inspects final assembly for defects. Positions metal prongs of testing unit over terminals of intercell connecting straps observes bulb on testing unit that lights when cell arrangement is correct. Examines assembly for defects, like omission of symbols on battery posts, uneven sealing and additionally cracked covers....

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