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Set And Exhibit Designer Cover Letter Template
This free set and exhibit designer job cover letter sample will help you to learn how to create, write and format a simple cover letter template for being able to build yours. View our simple cover letter example for set and exhibit designer.

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Dear Hiring Manager:

This is to express my interest in "set and exhibit designer" position advertised on June 13, 2014; My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my closely experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job. My work experience and duties are an ideal match for this position and cover all job requirements.

Your Requirements:

Expert Set And Exhibit Designer with at least 2 years of experience, excellent covers all position duties.

My Matching Career Experience:

For 3 years I worked as Set And Exhibit Designer.

My Job Responsibilities were to:

1) Examine objects to be included in exhibits in order to plan where how to display them

2) Acquire, or arrange for acquisition of, specimens or graphics required to complete exhibits

3) Confer with clients and staff in order to gather information about exhibit space, proposed themes content, timelines, budgets, materials, and/or promotion requirements

4) Estimate set- or exhibit-related costs including materials, construction, and rental of props or locations

5) Develop set designs based on evaluation of scripts, budgets, research information, and available locations

6) Direct coordinate construction, erection, or decoration activities in order to make sure that sets or exhibits meet design, budget, and schedule requirements

7) Inspect installed exhibits for conformance to specifications, and satisfactory operation of special effects components

8) Plan for location-specific issues like space limitations, traffic flow patterns, and safety concerns

9) Submit plans for approval, and adapt plans to serve intended purposes, or to conform to budget or fabrication restrictions

10) Prepare preliminary renderings of proposed exhibits, including detailed construction, layout, and material specifications, and diagrams relating to aspects like special effects and/or lighting

11) Select and purchase lumber hardware necessary for set construction

12) Collaborate with those in charge of lighting sound so that those production aspects can be coordinated with set designs or exhibit layouts

13) Research architectural stylistic elements appropriate to the time period to be depicted, consulting experts for information as necessary

14) Design and produce displays and materials that can be used to decorate windows, interior displays, or event locations like streets fairgrounds

15) Coordinate the removal of sets, props, and exhibits after productions or events are complete

16) Select set props like furniture, pictures, lamps, and rugs

17) Confer with conservators in order to define how to handle an exhibits environmental aspects, like lighting, temperature, and humidity, so that objects will be protected exhibits will be enhanced

18) Assign staff to complete design ideas and prepare sketches, illustrations, and detailed drawings of sets, or graphics animation

19) Observe sets during rehearsals in order to make sure that set elements do not interfere with performance aspects like cast movement camera angles

20) Design build scale models of set designs, or miniature sets used in filming backgrounds or special effects

21) Read scripts in order to define location, set, and design requirements

22) Attend rehearsals and production meetings in order to obtain share information related to sets

23) Arrange for outside contractors to construct exhibit structures

24) Provide supportive materials for exhibits and displays, like press kits and advertising, posters, brochures, catalogues, and invitations publicity notices

25) Incorporate security systems into exhibit layouts

26) Coordinate the transportation of sets that are built off-site, and coordinate their setup at the site of use

I appreciate your time taken to review my credentials and experience.

I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Lot of thanks for your consideration and care.

[ Sender/your name ]

Enc: Resume

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