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Laborer Job Cover Letter (#17364)

Sample Cover Letter:
Laborer Job Cover Letter Template
This sample laborer job cover letter shows details such as sender and receiver information, using of work experience, and how to express your interest to the hiring manager.
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Example for Laborer
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Dear Hiring Manager:

This is to express my interest in "laborer" position advertised on June 13, 2014; My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my closely experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job. My work experience and duties are an ideal match for this position and cover all job requirements.

Your Requirements:

Expert Laborer with at least 2 years of experience, excellent covers all position duties.

My Matching Experience:

For 3 years I worked as Laborer, My Responsibilities were to:

1) Perform any combination of following tasks in manufacture of sports equipment

2) Glue layers of feathers together cuts layers to size to form feathered arrowrests for bows

3) Hold feathers against brushing wheel or hot wire to brush or trim arrow feathers

4) Rubs smooths sports equipment to improve appearance or utility, using filler, solvent, wax, or abrasive, and rags

5) Position items of sports equipment in racks for painting

6) Melt lead in pan and pours lead into mold to form such items as fish baits lead sinkers

7) Assemble golf ball covers cores preparatory to molding

8) Cuts golf club shaft to specified length, using power saw

9) Clean material, work aids, and equipment to expedite fabrication of sports equipment, using solvent, rags, and handtools

10) Cuts, trims, and glues parts into specified position on sports equipment, using glue, knife, and scissors

11) Transport positions material at molds, machines, or worktables, using cart

12) Dips item of sports equipment or rubs glue or starch on item to facilitate further processing

13) Spray sand with airhose onto diving boards to provide safety tread

14) May examine molded items, like clay trapshooting targets, for chips and cracks discard defective targets.

I appreciate your time taken to review my credentials and experience.

I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Lot of thanks for your consideration and care.

(Sender/your name)

Enc: Resume

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