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Baker Pie Job Cover Letter (#4719)

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Find baker pie job cover letter sample (ex. 4719), simple template format example helps with document writing. For navigating more related samples view baker pie cover letters examples.

Baker Pie Job Cover Letter (#4719)

Baker Pie Job Cover Letter (#4719)

Dear Ms. Smith:

This is to express my interest in - baker pie - position advertised on June 13, 2014. My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my closely experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job. My work experience and duties are an ideal match for this position and cover all job requirements.

Your requirements:

"Expert baker pie with at least 2 years of experience, excellent covers all position duties".

My matching experience:

For 3 years I worked as baker pie, my responsibilities were to:

1) Mix ingredients bakes pies, tarts, and also cobblers, according to recipes

2) Weigh plus measures ingredients, using measuring cup spoons

3) Mix ingredients by hand or with electric mixer to form piecrust dough

4) Roll shapes dough, using rolling pin

5) Place portions of rolled dough in piepans trims overlapping edges with knife

6) Cuts, peels, and also prepares fruit for pie fillings

7) Mix as well as cooks ingredients for fillings, like creams custards

8) Pour fillings into pie shells

9) Cover filling with top crust or spreads topping, like cream or meringue, over filling

10) Place pie in oven to bake

11) Adjust drafts or thermostatic controls to regulate oven temperatures

12) Usually found in restaurant or cafeteria where no Cook, Pastry hotel as well as rest. is employed plus need not be able to bake other desserts or pastries as opposed to Cook, Pastry hotel rest. .

I appreciate your time taken to review my credentials and experience.

I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Lot of thanks for your consideration and care.

Flori Rothenberg

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