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Crusher Operator Job Employment Contract

Tends conveyors grinders that crush raw gypsum into specified pebble size. Opens storage gates starts grinders, feeders plus belt conveyors. Observes flow of materials on conveyors. Cleans carriers as well as removes wedged rock from conveyors plus clogged chutes, using scraper poker. Opens slide gates to allow flow of pebbles into storage bins or trucks. May fill supply chutes with gypsum rock, using tractor equipped with scoop....

Shop Supervisor Job Employment Contract

Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating of products from pipe, like trellises, playground equipment, cattle truck frames, hunting stands, and also wire fence gates. Studies assembly diagrams to lay out work for pipe products. Measures cuts pipe to length on pipe-cutting machine. Bends pipe around blocks forms to shape it according to specification. Clamps pipe in position, and also welds joints to assemble products [Welder, Combination (welding)]. Instructs workers...

Autoclave Operator Job Employment Contract

Tends autoclave that sterilizes drug products, containers, supplies, instruments, and also equipment. Places articles in autoclave manually or by use of electric hoist. Secures door or lid, turns dials to adjust temperature pressure and additionally opens steam valve. Shuts off steam removes sterilized articles after specified time. Records time as well as temperature setting gauge readings. May wrap supplies instruments in paper or cloth preparatory to sterilizing....

Drier Tender Job Employment Contract

Tends rotary drier that removes moisture from fish scrap preparatory to grinding scrap into meal. Starts drier plus conveyors that feed fish scrap into drier move dried material to storage area. Observes gauges & turns valves to regulate steam pressure to keep temperature within prescribed range....

Trimming machine Operator Job Employment Contract

Tends machine that trims ragged leather edges from shuttlecock bases. Positions base in trimming machine. Depresses pedal to actuate cutting tool that trims smooths edge of leather-covered cork base....

Mold Maker Job Employment Contract

Fabricates plaster molds from models of jewelry articles trophy figurines preparatory to casting metal molds. Presses one side of model into clay. Builds up clay around exposed half of model to retain plaster. Mixes plaster powder with water pours it around exposed half of model to form mold. Allows plaster to set as well as removes clay model from plaster mold. Brushes loose particles from mold as well as applies shellac to preserve mold to prevent absorption of moisture. Covers surface...

Framer Job Employment Contract

Winds pile fabric onto frames (reel) to prevent crushing of pile during storage or shipment. Places frame on winding brackets of worktable. Turns frame by hand catches cloth selvages on hooks of frame, spacing cloth around frame in layers. Bolts precut wooden slats to outside of frame, using wrench. Places frame of cloth in box trucks box to storage area. Works as member of team to frame cloth....

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