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Searching for employment contracts, find more than +20k employment contract & job agreements templates examples for different job titles.

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What is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract (known also as a job agreement) is a legal act. This means that the law connects a certain legal consequence to the conclusion of an agreement or to meet the requirements of the law.

As a result of agreements, rights arise for one party that simultaneously give rise to obligations or obligations for the other party. For example, the obligation to do, tolerate or refrain from doing something.

Why an Employment Contract is important?

As an employer, you should not only see the employment contract as a legal requirement. A good employment contract has many benefits. For example, both you and your employee get an overview of the terms of employment. The contract is therefore a powerful tool to avoid future conflicts or misunderstandings between you and your employees.

What should an employment contract include?

There are a number of minimum requirements for what an employment contract must contain:

  • Name and address of employer and employee.
  • Date when the employment starts - and ends if the employment is limited in time.
  • The workplace where the tasks are primarily to be solved
  • Tasks and job title.
  • Information about salary, any supplements and time of payment.
  • Working hours or, as a minimum, number of hours per day, week or month, as well as holiday rights.

How do you write an employment contract?

Writing a good employment contract is a must, as it's an important document that defines the relationship between the employee and employer. it's important to know that employment contracts are different types, as an example you may need to write a contract for a full-time job, part-time or completely freelance. Thats why the content would be different.

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