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Clarifier Resume Template
Control equipment to process base oils used in manufacture of margarine shortening. Start pumps to move premeasured batches of refined oils or fats into converter vessel. Turn valves to adjust rate of flow of hydrogen, steam, air and water into converter and weighs & adds specified amoun...

Clarifier operator Helper

Assist Clarifier Operator smelt. and refin. in separating mud from alumina liquor in recovering soda from mud. Turn valves to flush lines. Turn valves to divert flow of alumina liquor through standby equipment as directed by Clarifier Operator smelt. refin. br / Read...

Clarifier Operator

Control equipment that separates mud from alumina liquor recovers soda from mud. Pump thickened mud to washers turns valves to regulate flow of water into washers. Turn valves to release specified amount of mud into washers to maintain sludge balance. Turn valves to pump sediment...
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