Lumber Unloader Material Handling Interviews Questions

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1. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor

Distribute cargo in such a manner that space use is maximized. Calculate load weights for different aircraft compartments, using charts computers. Direct ground crews in the loading, unloading, securing, or staging of aircraft cargo or baggage. Determine the quanti...

2. Refractory Materials Repairer

Reline or repair ladles pouring spouts with refractory clay, using trowels. Chip slag from linings of ladles or remove linings when beyond repair, using hammers chisels. Measure furnace walls to define dimensions cut required number of sheets from plastic block, using...

3. Refuse And Recyclable Material Collector

Refuel trucks or add other fluids, like oil or brake fluid. Fill out defective equipment reports. Drive trucks, following established routes, through residential streets or alleys or through business or industrial areas. Operate equipment that compresses colle...

4. Hazardous Materials Removal Worker

Comply with prescribed safety procedures or federal laws regulating waste disposal methods. Record numbers of containers stored at disposal sites, specifying amounts or types of equipment or waste disposed. Drive trucks or other heavy equipment to convey contaminate...
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