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1. Chemical Plant And System Operator

Move control settings to make necessary adjustments on equipment units affecting speeds of chemical reactions, quality, or yields. Monitor recording instruments, flowmeters, panel lights, or other indicators listen for warning signals, to verify conformity of proce...

2. Biochemical Engineer

Read current scientific or trade literature to stay abreast of scientific, industrial, or technological advances. Prepare technical reports, data summary documents, or research articles for scientific publication, regulatory submissions, or patent applications. Participate in equ...

3. Chemical Technician

Conduct chemical or physical laboratory tests to assist scientists in making qualitative or quantitative analyses of solids, liquids, or gaseous materials. Compile and interpret results of tests analyses. Provide technical support or assistance to chemists or engineers. Prepare...

4. Environmental Economist

Monitor or analyze market environmental trends. Interpret indicators to ascertain the overall health of an environment. Identify recommend environmentally-friendly business practices. Demonstrate or promote the economic benefits of sound environmental regulations. Write tech...

5. Chemical Equipment Operator And Tender

Observe safety precautions to prevent fires or explosions. Monitor gauges, recording instruments, flowmeters, or products to make sure that specified conditions are maintained. Control or operate equipment in which chemical changes or reactions take place during...
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