Team Motivation


To stay employed for a while in the same organization, employees need more than a good salary and a good job title. The question isn't whether they find satisfaction in their work, but to what extent they are motivated . This depends on their relationships with you, the employer. Are you fascinated or demotivated?


In the world of work, it's a fact that you have to be able to handle some criticism at some point . Managers must bear in mind, when trying to improve certain behaviors, that they shouldn't focus on the negative aspects, but rather give advice and emphasize the positive. When employees are only criticized, some lose the courage and are afraid of going to work. Specialists in training and human resources (HR) say that this problem stems from the fact that managers don't give correct feedback and are insufficiently receptive to individual responses.

Attention & appreciation

If people don't receive professional recognition, there is a possibility that they themselves will criticize. T hey can blame themselves or start looking for another position. That's why it's important to express your appreciation. A simple "thank you" or "well done" is often motivating. Even when you employ a very good performing person, the worst thing is to assume that his performance is naturally so good. Without a sign of appreciation, he can think that his work and all the efforts made are in vain.

Compliments and compensations

Praise and acknowledge the achievements of your employees. Loft expressions, however, lose their value if they give too much. Don't attempt to congratulate in a sterile manner, which can sometimes happen when a manager doesn't know how to behave towards an employee. It's important that people distinguish themselves through their success within the group. When they are automatically included in the expressions of others, the best employees run the risk of becoming demotivated. Managers must make sure that they don't congratulate people for the work they have to do every day, and that's normal in any case. Although wage increases are appreciated, they aren't the only means to motivate someone. Sometimes there are equally important other elements. From anyone who receives a counter offer as an incentive not to leave,

Hard work?

Are your employees struggling? Do they have motivating tasks? Do you use their capacities? Objectives and challenges guarantee that you can always get the best out of your employees. Setting goals is essential to move forward and promote personal development.


Alternation can bring life to the routine of work. When you have planned activities, keep in mind that they are suitable for everyone and make sure that no one should be afraid of being humiliated. Poorly thought out activities, even if they aim to relax people, will have the opposite effect.


In a workplace where people have to work completely according to strict rules, an atmosphere can arise where employees blame the manager for imposing such rules. A bad atmosphere often arises from such strict rules that give employees the impression of walking on eggs. One can combat this by encouraging communication through internal meetings and promoting personal development through better setting of objectives.


Putting goals and ideals first is extremely motivating. A person can't live up to expectations if he doesn't know what they are. If this doesn't entail too much paperwork, you can write down your standards. This isn't a magic formula for creating the perfect employee, but there are various techniques that allow you to discuss expectations. The most important ingredient for continuing to fascinate staff is communication and good listening. Keeping to the individual needs and ensuring a good level of communication are key factors.

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