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Work in Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in the Canadian state of British Columbia. The city is located on the Strait of Georgia. The city owes its name to the English captain George Vancouver. Over time, Vancouver has grown into a major metropolis and today 603,502 people live there, also known as 'Vancouverites'.

Vancouver is a city of great diversity: the city is of great economic importance because of its important port. Furthermore, Vancouver is also called 'North Hollywood', because it's the most important city after Los Angeles and New York when it comes to the film industry. When you move to Vancouver, know that you'll end up in this city. The city has had a place in the 'top 3 most livable cities in the world' for years.

Working in Vancouver

The Vancouver economy is highly developed in many sectors. For example, it's the largest port city in Canada and the job offer in the import and export sector is therefore large. Many forestry companies are also located here. The technology sector of Vancouver is worth mentioning. Other important sectors are biotechnology, telecommunications, healthcare and television and film. The beautiful surroundings of Vancouver also make the city a tourist destination. So the job offer is also large in the tourism sector.

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