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The economy in Turkey is picking up and should pride themselves 18 e call economy in the world. Turkey is expected in 2050 even 9 e its economy in the world. Working in Turkey is popular with expats, fortunately there are therefore several sectors in Turkey where you can easily find work as an expat. There is a great demand for trained people who speak several languages, so if this is the case for you, you can certainly take advantage of this.

Working in Turkey - The working culture

Hierarchy is still present to a large extent: as a manager you work with subordinates, not with peers. Many employees therefore strive to be someone's boss. Once you have achieved this, you are also expected to behave in this way. Don't you talk like a boss or don't you look like a boss? Then your employees will not take you seriously either.

It's customary at a business appointment to shake hands with each other when you introduce yourself. For women it's true that they aren't always willing to shake hands with men, but this is hardly ever seen in business. You could wait until your business partner gives you a hand, so you avoid uncomfortable situations. For more information about Turkish culture or about daily life in Turkey you can visit our page living in Turkey .

Major sectors in Turkey

Large companies in all sectors are often looking for skilled professionals with specific qualifications. Speaking the Turkish language is usually not a requirement here, but it's a plus if you speak the language. Working in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among Westerners.

Industrial production continues to rise, so there are many jobs in it. Exports are rising and the Turkish economy will continue to grow as a result. There is also plenty of work to be found in education in Turkey and the salaries here are good compared to other sectors. If you speak English fluently, you might consider giving private English lessons, this earns relatively well and the demand for these types of lessons is increasing.

Unfortunately you aren't allowed to work in the legal and medical sector if you aren't from Turkey, but: if you are married to someone from Turkey, then you aren't subject to these labor laws.

Jobs in Turkey

Your job search usually starts on the internet, also in Turkey. There are various vacancy websites that you can use. Newspapers and employment agencies could also be a good way to find a job in Turkey. It's of course possible that you can't find a suitable vacancy in this way, in which case it's wise to take to the streets. Talk to people and try to build a network. Your contacts can then help you find a job, this way many positions in Turkey will be filled without a vacancy website being involved.

In an application in Turkey you write a cover letter and you prepare a resume. For your resume it applies that it's 1 to 2 pages long and has your contact details, your work and school experiences and your qualifications. Make sure your resume is well organized. Your letter of application may not be longer than 3 to 4 paragraphs and, in particular, ensure that you don't exaggerate; your qualities will be tested during the interview and you'll have to prove that you actually have what you have described. If it's noted that this isn't the case, you'll most likely not get the job.

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