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Are you thinking about moving to Switzerland? Then it's very important to find out how you can best look for a job. Swiss life may be a bit expensive, but salaries are on average not higher anywhere else in the European Union. The strong economy ensures that working in Switzerland is very attractive.

Working temporarily or permanently in Switzerland

The idea of ​​working in Switzerland isn't so bad at all. You can earn a lot of money in many branches. In 2000, major cities (Zurich or Geneva) were still cities where the highest salaries were paid worldwide. Moreover, the cities in Switzerland are generally very clean. Of course rents are a bit higher, but due to the good corporate culture you have more to spend in Switzerland.

Can you also find a lot of temporary work in Switzerland? Certainly, because in addition to finding permanent work you can also work in Switzerland during the holidays. In this way people sometimes become ski instructors in the Swiss Alps and they can earn excellent money there during the season. With an Anwärter training you can get started at various ski schools. Of course speaking the German or French language is an absolute pro when you want to do this.

Doing business in Switzerland

Do you, as an entrepreneur, want to start a business in Switzerland and benefit from an entrepreneur-friendly climate, coupled with a favorable tax system? Then curaVer can help you further. They help with the incorporation of the company, take care of the accounting and support with fiscal optimization.

Working hours

It's legally established that an employee can never work longer than 50 hours a week in Switzerland. In offices and factories this maximum is even set at 45 hours. This means that the working culture in Switzerland equals hard work. On an annual basis you are entitled to approximately four weeks of holiday time. So you get plenty of options to take it easy, but the hours that you work must be fully occupied. Moreover, according to the government, employers must pay a surcharge of 25 percent for every hour of overtime worked.

Major sectors in Switzerland

Of course, winter sports are a very good opportunity to work quickly in Switzerland. Every year thousands of Europeans come to Switzerland during the winter months to enjoy the high mountains. As a result, a lot of work can be found on the slopes for ski guides, but also for chalet managers, chefs and supervisors for children. Many people still have to learn to ski and snowboard and if you speak French or German, you can quickly start working in Switzerland!


Like many other developed countries, finding work in Switzerland through the internet is very easy to do. Stepstone, Jobwinner and Indeed are pages where you can find vacancies in Switzerland, but you can also come across something nice through newspapers and magazines. Moreover, an open application isn't uncommon in Switzerland. If you are interested in working at one specific company, you should try to get the contact details of an HR manager. In Switzerland this is often called a Personalabteilungsleiter .

You actually always send a resume with a (passport) photo and a copy of all qualifications and capacities that relate to you. Of course you want to convince a potential employer of your qualities and that's entirely up to you. However, it's highly appreciated in Switzerland if you are very accurate about the qualities that you possess. And one last tip if you are moving to Switzerland : don't immediately start with your salary when applying for a job!

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